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Handmade Cement Planters

Handmade Cement Planters

There are many types of home decor to fit all the different home interior styles. I’m here to tell you that no matter which style home you have, the handmade cement planters by Spruce & Stone, will look perfect in your home. All Spruce N Read More

Black and White Bathroom Wallpaper

Black and White Bathroom Wallpaper

Bathrooms, we all got ’em and we all use ’em. It’s weird to admit it, but we humans spend a good chunk of our day in the bathroom. Let’s make our bathrooms a cute place to be. I have a perfect solution that will change Read More

4 Easy Christmas Ornament Storage Ideas

4 Easy Christmas Ornament Storage Ideas

Once the holidays are over comes the dreaded day of Christmas tree take-down. This is always a task that just seems so daunting, especially because you have to carefully wrap each ornament to keep it from breaking. I’m here to make your Christmas tree take-down day a whole lot easier by using simple Christmas ornament storage.

Using these ornament storage ideas will save you money for the upcoming years because your ornaments will be left perfect and unbroken. Also, you can mix and match ideas depending on your storage needs. Let’s Dive in.

Large Ornament Organizer

Not only will this organizer hold all your ornaments (it fits 112!), but the cute but transparent polka-dot pattern still reveals what’s inside. The carrying handles make it even easier to take it from storage to the tree.

christmas ornament storage

Heavy-Duty Ornament Boxes

This combo set comes with two large, clear boxes in addition to a small storage box (perfect for loose ornament hooks!). They’re stackable and have winged lids, so you can pack any type of holiday decorations inside.

Christmas Ornament Cube Bag

The long straps on this cushioned carrying case make it easy to transport your ornament collection. Whether your attic is just far from your living room or your family moves around a lot, you’ll appreciate the padded grip, plus a clear plastic window to see what’s inside.

Tiered Christmas Ornament Storage

This decorative ornament box has three removable trays, so it’s a functional and stylish Christmas ornament storage system. This ornament storage system makes decorating the tree super easy since you’re able to see all the ornaments at once. Also, it has removable dividers, so you can make larger sections for your bigger ornaments.

christmas ornament storage

Just picture yourself getting ready to decorate your Christmas tree next year. It’s going to be so easy, and it will make Christmas decorating that much more fun. Plus, you won’t be having to run to the store to buy replacement ornaments. Phew.

Farmhouse Decor for Kitchen Counters

Farmhouse Decor for Kitchen Counters

This blog is for my farmhouse lovin’ readers. A farmhouse kitchen is ideal, but there are so many ways to create the homey farmhouse aesthetic by just adding decor. Let’s dive into some of my favorite farmhouse decor for kitchen counters. You might be asking Read More

Trendy Ways to Update your Shower

Trendy Ways to Update your Shower

There are so many ways to update the overall look of your bathroom without having to gut the entire space. This blog will show you trendy ways to update your shower, one of the easier ways to upgrade your bathroom while sticking to a budget. Read More

Unique Christmas Tree Ideas

Unique Christmas Tree Ideas

The most magical time of the year is right around the corner! Can you believe it? I sure can’t. Here’s a few creative and unique Christmas tree ideas and inspiration. Even if you’ve already put your tree up, it’s just great inspiration for next year or maybe you’ll add another mini tree.

Christmas trees can be decorated in so many different ways. You can take your chosen color scheme and make it more unique than ever before!

The above tree shows a stunning white tree with classic red and green ornaments, but to add some fun they added a funny elf sticking out. Your kids would love this feature, trust me.

The Gorgeous Neutral Farmhouse Christmas Tree

Photo Credit: Bless This Nest Blog

I am obsessed with this farmhouse-themed Christmas tree. By using neutral colors and rustic ornaments made from wood and metal, you can easily achieve this look. Adding in extra greenery will add the perfect touch of Joanna Gaines to your Christmas tree. Then, you can wrap real or fake presents in a natural brown wrapping paper to complete the rustic look.

What you need to create a farmhouse Christmas Tree

The Most Unique Non-Tree Christmas Tree Ever

Photo Credit: Homely Smart

Say you don’t want a Christmas tree this year. Well, here is an awesome option for you if you want to get a little creative. Just get some old crates, and stack them up to create a tree shape, then fill the crates with festive things and lights. I think this is unique, plus you can reuse this for storage by rearranging the shape of the crates after the holidays.

Products you Can Put inside of the Crates (or anywhere in your house for Christmas)

The Space-Saving Christmas Tree

Photo Credit: Homely Smart

If your struggling trying to find a place to put a Christmas tree in your home, this could be a perfect option for you. You can easily create a Christmas tree above your fireplace or on any open wall. All you need to do is purchase garland to make the tree shape on your wall. Then, you can just dangle your ornaments on the tree as if it were the real deal.

Do you have a cork collection? I sure do. This is such a cute decoration to put on a mantle, table, or even use as your centerpiece. You could either stack the corks up (if you have enough) to create the Christmas tree shape, or you could have a tree shape and just glue the corks to that.

unique Christmas tree

This is probably the most creative Christmas tree I’ve ever seen. I truly am not sure how long it took them to accomplish this look, but props to whoever took the time. If you want, you should definitely try to re-create this, otherwise I just thought you’d enjoy looking at it.

…if you do re-create this, please comment a photo!

Create a Unique Christmas Tree Base

If you already have your showstopping Christmas tree planned out, you should consider adding a cute miniature tree with a unique base somewhere throughout your home. I love the gold painted wagon as the base, but you could find or use anything as the base.

Criss-Crossed Ribbon Christmas Tree

Photo Credit: Hike N Dip

A classic Christmas tree doesn’t have to be boring. Simply add ribbon that goes along with your color scheme, and wrap your tree in a criss-cross fashion. This creates an elegant look an your tree will definitely stand out!

Turn Pumpkins into Your Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Turn Pumpkins into Your Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Don’t let your Halloween pumpkins go to waste. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I have some perfect ways you can turn pumpkins into your Thanksgiving centerpiece. You may have to get a little crafty, but that’s fun to do now that it’s “stay Read More

Mid-Century Modern Tables

Mid-Century Modern Tables

Whether you’re moving into your first home/apartment or just looking to upgrade the old coffee table your mom gave you 5 years ago, mid-century modern tables are the way to go. Buying new furniture is a pain, especially when it comes to picking out the Read More

On-Trend Matte Black Fixtures

On-Trend Matte Black Fixtures

Adding on-trend matte black fixtures to your home will create a beautiful contrast and element of design that none of your friends and family will have, unless they read this blog as well. You can add black matte fixtures to any room in your home.

If you want to add black matte cabinet hardware, but you don’t want to replace your stainless steel sink and faucet, that’s totally fine. Matte black fixtures are so bold that they don’t clash with other finishes in the room, yet they can stand alone and not look misplaced.

A cool aspect about the matte black trend is that although it’s trendy, there are many different ways to go about adding matte black finishes, so don’t worry, your home will still be unique.

matte black hardware

One of the easiest ways to incorporate on-trend matte black fixtures into your home is by updating your cabinet hardware. Most people overlook their cabinet hardware, but trust me when I say a little update like this will go a long way. You can choose from many different shapes and sizes of matte black cabinet hardware.

Matte black cabinet hardware looks great on any color cabinetry. It has the most contrast on a white cabinet or light grey.

Matte Black Backsplash

Credit: Kresswell Interiors

If you’re loving the whole matte black look, you might want to take things to a whole new level. You could essentially have an entire matte black kitchen. I love the use of matte black titles for a backsplash. You can get backsplash titles in any shape or design. I would only suggest doing this if you have a large enough kitchen, otherwise you will make it feel smaller.

Balance your matte black backsplash with gold fixtures. I suggest a gold kitchen faucet, or gold cabinet hardware. It adds a beautiful contrast next to the black tones.

matte black farmhouse sink

On the flip side, a matte black faucet is perfect for a lighter toned kitchen. A newer trend has also been to add a matte black farmhouse sink along with the faucet.

On-Trend Matte Black Fixtures in the bathroom

matte black fixtures
Credit: Style by Emily Henderson

Who doesn’t love a white bathroom? The white bathroom trend has been going on for a while now. I think adding bold matte black finishes to a white or lighter toned bathroom is a huge showstopper.

You can add matte black fixtures to your bathroom in a few different ways:

1. Matte Black Bathroom Faucet

2. Matte Black Soap Dispenser or Toothbrush Holder

3. Matte Black Shower Trim (only worth it if you have a clear shower door)

4. Matte Black Towel Ring, Towel Bar, and TP Holder

5. Matte Black Hardware

Here is a beautiful example of matte black cup pulls on a white vanity. Look at that bold contrast. I’m obsessed.

Update your Fireplace to Matte Black

Credit: Domino

There are so many white, stone, or brick fireplaces out there. Here’s your chance to make your living room very unique. Update your existing fireplace by adding a matte black tile surround or tiled pattern.

If you want to save money, you can simply use a matte black paint to paint over your existing brick fireplace. It’s crazy how modern this will make your room feel, and it is super easy to do. Make sure you buy high temperature paint.

Entryway Decor

Entryway Decor

Affordable Inspiration for your entryway No matter how big or small your entryway is, it deserves to be decorated in a beautiful inviting way. Your entryway is like reading the first page of a great book. Give your guests the excitement for what’s to come Read More