minimalistic modern bathroom design

Beautiful Bathroom Inspiration


If you have a bathroom that needs some serious updating, below is the beautiful bathroom inspiration you’ve been waiting for. You don’t have to gut your bathroom, but updating things here and there will make a huge difference.

Most people overlook designing and decorating their bathrooms, unless they absolutely have to fix something. I’m here to tell you to not neglect your bathrooms! People spend a lot of time in the bathroom throughout the day, so let’s learn different ways to make them look just as beautiful as the rest of your house.

Adding Wooden Elements to Your Bathroom

Beautiful Bathroom Inspiration

Try Adding wood elements to your bathroom for warmth and character. Wooden elements in your bathroom go with any color scheme, but i think it looks especially good in a neutral, lighter toned bathroom. Open wooden shelves are a great and easy way to add storage and wooden texture to your bathroom.

unique wooden elements in a white bathroom.

Wooden vanities, flooring, and showers are other ways to add wooden elements to your bathroom. You want to make sure you are buying waterproof wood products. You can easily overwhelm the space, so be careful not to add too much wood if your bathroom is on the smaller side.

Beautiful Bathroom Inspiration

It amazes me how many different ways there are to incorporate wood into your bathroom. Any color scheme and textures pair well with wood. Wood almost acts as a neutral.

Grey and White Bathroom Inspiration – Clean and Minimalistic

Beautiful Bathroom Inspiration

A grey and white bathroom always reminds me of a beautiful, clean hotel suite. I love the grey bathroom look. White accents in a grey bathroom are a must, but you can add in other elements to add character if needed.

Beautiful Bathroom Inspiration

For example, this bathroom has grey walls with white shiplap. To break up the grey and white, they added a gold mirror and open shelving. Adding shiplap to your bathroom is always a good idea.

White, Bright, and Airy Bathroom Designs with Splashes of Color

How can you not love gold hardware in a white simple bathroom? It is simply stunning. The image above shows the shower open, so if you wanted to tone it down, you could always close the curtain to hide the gold shower head and hardware. This is definitely a girly style, so ladies make sure you talk to your S/O before updating your existing hardware. You can create a look like this using other metals as well like copper or rose gold.

Beautiful Bathroom Inspiration

Floral wallpaper is a perfect and affordable way to add charm to your white bathroom.

Beautiful Bathroom Inspiration

This bathroom has a coastal feel to it due to the light blue tile backsplash. It’s amazing how a simple backsplash can create the entire mood of the bathroom. Even if you don’t have a glass shower door, adding backsplash to your shower is a relatively inexpensive way to add luxury to any bathroom.

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