Inexpensive Backsplash to Create a Luxurious Look

Inexpensive Backsplash to Create a Luxurious Look

Everyone knows how expensive a home renovation can be. Sometimes people overlook how much the little details add up, like adding a beautiful tile backsplash to a kitchen or bathroom.

Luckily, I have put together some great affordable backsplash options to create an expensive look in any kitchen or bathroom! All you will need to do is click on the option you like and measure the amount you will need to order. Keep in mind, most of the options below come in multiple colors or patterns, so make sure you check all the possible options out!

Option 1: Pearl Shell Mosaic Tile

This tile is made of genuine mother of pearl shell, and each piece is uniquely different but blends beautifully together. Unlike the rest of the options, this is real tile and requires tile work to be done. Since this is real like, you can choose the layout, for example you can create a herringbone pattern like shown above. It is very reasonably priced and creates a high-end look.

This is the peel and stick version of the peal shell mosaic tile.

Option 2: Peel and Stick Subway Tile Backsplash

This option comes in white, black, or teal and will modernize any space. The classic white subway tile backsplash creates a farmhouse feel in any kitchen or bathroom. This is a clean look and the stick and peel tile makes it a very easy process.

Option 3: Ornate Black and White Stick and Peel Tile

Create a unique boho look with this black and white patterned backsplash tile. It is also a stick and peel, so it’s super easy to put up. I’ve seen this tile not only in a kitchen and bathroom, but also used on a stairway to add a little spice.

Option 4: Another Black and White Ornate Patterned Tile

This is another ornate black and white tile pattern. This version is more black than white, ands a more geometrical feel to it. I personally am obsessed with this and will probably be purchasing this for my future home. I love how you can use it on a kitchen island to contrast the rest of the kitchen.

Option 5: Hexagon Faux Marble Peel & Stick Backsplash Tiles

Hexagon backsplashes are very trendy right now. They create a unique look while not overwhelming the eye. This tile is the marble version of a hexagon tile, so it has even more flare than just a standard colored tile. As you can see, you can utilize backsplash in many areas of the kitchen as well as bathrooms.

Option 6: Stainless Steel Hexagon Backsplash Tile

Another great hexagonal backsplash is this stainless steel option. The stainless steel finish gives a very modern look to any space. It’s a beautiful detail to add to your kitchen. I love how the tile sparkles from different light hitting it. Stunning tile to utilize, plus this too is a peel and stick option!

As you can see, there are many affordable backsplash options out there, and they are very easy to apply to any surface. I love that you can add so much detail and personality to a room by a simple backsplash. The best part is, since these are so affordable… you can update them more often if you get sick of a certain style!

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