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Whether you’re moving into your first home/apartment or just looking to upgrade the old coffee table your mom gave you 5 years ago, mid-century modern tables are the way to go.

Buying new furniture is a pain, especially when it comes to picking out the right tables for your rooms. One of the reasons I love mid-century modern tables is because they are light-weight and are built to save space. This is extremely important for making the rooms in your home look spacious even when filled with furniture.

mid-century modern coffee table

As you can see, this coffee table is functional, yet it is not taking up a huge chunk of space. If you love your furniture to match, these tables can come in sets so everything looks cohesive. Otherwise, if you just want a mid-century modern coffee table you can just add that to your space and it will still flow with the rest of your furniture.

These tables come in all shapes, sizes, and colors to match any living room. I love how this coffee table has extra storage space underneath, which gives you a perfect place to add simplistic decor, books, or even a spot to hide remotes.

Mid-Century Modern Tables Fit in with Any Style Type

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Contrast is key. If you have a super modern space, you can add in a mid-century modern piece to create contrast in your space. The wood will tone down your modern space. Or, this a mid-century modern table could add rustic charm to a room if you select the right piece. Most mid-century modern tables are made using some type of wood and metal.

Even if you have a eclectic unique style, these pieces have a certain charm to them to add a design feature to any room.

Perfect TV Stands

Mid-century modern TV stands are perfect for an apartment. When you’re living in an apartment, you need furniture, but you want furniture that is easy to move, lightweight, and smaller in size. These are the exact qualities you’ll find with mid-century modern tables. Plus, you’ll save yourself hours worth of mounting and filling in holes from the TV mount when you move out.

Even if you don’t live in an apartment, you should still consider this style for your living room. You could even mount your TV above the table and just use the table for decoration purposes.

Side Tables for Small Spaces + Space Fillers

If you’re needing a small table to go next to a couch or chair in your living room, the mid-century modern side tables are a perfect option. They come in rustic, modern, or eclectic chic designs.

These small side tables are great space fillers and add a beautiful element of design. These can also work as perfect little nightstands, especially for smaller bedrooms. Add a lamp, succulent, picture frame, or book to the table for decor.

The idea with these tables is to save space while adding a quality piece of furniture to your room that has both functionality and a unique design.

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