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Wicker Headboards – Can be rustic or cottage-chic

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Try turning an Old Window into Your Headboard

If you’re unsure of what to use as a headboard, try an old rustic window. You can use it with out without the actual window glass, but without the glass will give off a more rustic look. It is a stunning design concept for rooms with higher ceilings if you’re wanting a tall window like the one pictured above.

rustic barn wood doors as a headboard

A Sliding Barn Door Rustic Headboard

The sliding barn door headboard is a perfect way to create a farmhouse-styled bedroom. The headboard almost acts as an accent wall, creating depth to the wall. Barn doors come in different sizes, so if your walls aren’t very high you can get shorter doors.

rustic picture frame as a headboard

Create a look like this by using an old window and creating it into a picture frame or by purchasing a large enough picture frame. If the picture frame you purchase is not rustic, you can make it rustic through distressing the frame. This idea is perfect, and kills two birds with one stone.

old crates made into a headboard and used as a shelf

Use old crates to create a simple farmhouse headboard. This is something you can find anywhere, low cost! This look is super great because you can also use it as a shelf and put picture frames, books, and candles on top.

old door as a headboard laying horizontally

A Horizontal Door can make a fantastic Headboard

Another way to utilize a rustic door for your headboard is by using just one old door. By turning it horizontal, the door will be wide enough to act as a headboard. You can also distress or add paint to any door you find. Thrift shops would be a perfect place to find old doors for an inexpensive rate.

Using shiplap is a fantastic and easy way to create a rustic headboard. There are many different styles of shiplap, so you will have tons of options to choose from depending on the look you are going for. You can either get a shiplap headboard already put together, or buy the shiplap in a raw form and DIY.

Rustic headboard make your bedroom unique. Give your bedroom some cozy character. I hope these ideas inspired your creative side to create the perfect farmhouse headboard for your bedroom.

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