Black and White Kitchen

Black and White Kitchen

Kitchens no longer need to be drenched in color to standout. A simplistic black and white kitchen is pure elegance. There are limitless ways to dress up a neutral black and white design to make it your own. Below are some amazingly creative and beautiful black and white design ideas to inspire your inner interior designer self.

black and white kitchen with tan accents

Tan is a perfect accent color for a b&w kitchen

You can spruce up any black and white design by adding tan accents. Tan accents warm up a black and white space. The accents can be added by something as simple as tan bar stools for the island to something more structural like adding a wooden beam. You can then add gold or bronze design elements to your kitchen through purchasing unique hardware, open shelving, or even exposed dishes.

Stylish Black and White Backsplash Behind your Vent Hood

Stylish Backsplash Behind your Vent Hood

If you want your kitchen to have more white than black, you can add a black and white pattered tile behind your vent hood. The backsplash becomes the focal point of your kitchen while the rest of your kitchen can remain white and minimalistic. There are so many different styles of backsplash tile to choose from at an affordable price.

Black Grouted Subway Tile Backsplash

Black Grouted Subway Tile Backsplash

If your kitchen has black cabinets, adding a white subway tile backsplash is an excellent way to brighten up the space. You can use black grout to give the subway titles character and make them pop. The subway tiles give off a more industrial design in a modern space and they a more rustic design in a farmhouse or cottage space.

Modern Black and White Kitchen with Large Windows

Modern Black and White Design with Large Windows

A bright black and white design complimented by the outdoors is an gorgeous site to see. If you live in a house with amazing outside scenery, you might want to invest in some large windows. An all white and black kitchen with large open windows brings in a ton of natural lighting and color. No need for artwork on the walls in a kitchen like this.

Modern and Textured Black and White Designed kitchen

Modern and Textured Black and White Design

There is something beautiful about a sleek modern black and white kitchen. There is something even more significant about a modern black and white kitchen with texturized cabinets. It is something as simple as this that can transform your space from mediocre to outstanding.

Black and White Kitchen with Wooden Accents

Bring Warmth to your Kitchen by adding Wooden Accents

Sometimes a pure black and white space can feel cold, so by incorporating wooden accents you’ll be sure to create warmth and rustic charm. Having butcher block countertops is a beautiful way to add character. You can either have all of your countertops be butcher block, or you can just have it on the island. Open shelving and wooden beams are other very simple and creative ways to warm up a space.

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