Clocks Fill Wall Space

Decor Farmhouse Wall Decor

Clocks fill wall space. It’s as simple as that. They are the perfect thing to hang on your empty walls, plus they serve a purpose. They look amazing and there are so many styles to choose from. I think clocks are the perfect way to express your creativity when styling different rooms in your home. I hope some of my favorite clocks inspire your vision.

Credit: Etsy

Be Bold, Be Colorful

Don’t be afraid to add color to your rooms. A bright yellow clock, or any colored clock, will make your room unique and stand out.

Credit: Home-Dzine

Bring the Outdoors in!

A natural wood clock is the perfect way to create a warm and natural look to your room. This style of a clock works especially well in a lake house or cabin.

Credit: Etsy

Black Farmhouse Clock

You can’t ever go wrong with a large farmhouse clock. If you have a lighter toned room, go with a black farmhouse clock for contrast.

If you have a darker room, or if you want to keep the white look cohesive, a white farmhouse clock is perfect for you. Clocks do not always need to be hung on the wall. Farmhouse clocks look great leaned up against the wall on a table or mantel.

Credit: Pier1

Mirror Clocks Fill Wall Space and look Incredible

Are you wanting a mirror and a clock but do not have enough wall space? Get yourself a mirror clock. There are so many different types of mirrors to choose from. The clock featured above has an antique look to it for rustic charm.

Credit: Bellacor

Eclectic Modern Charm

Adding gold accent decor to your walls is always a good idea. This unique gold clock is just one of many eclectic designs to choose from.

If you love to be unique and have an artsy side to you, this is a clock you will want to add to your home.

Credit: Etsy

Sophisticated and Modern Clocks Fill Wall Space

Let’s call this clock the “Bachelor Pad Masterpiece”. You don’t have to be a guy to own this clock, but it has a very masculine feel to it. This clock would look great on a lighter toned wall.

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