Creative Ways to Decorate with Backless Frames

Decor Farmhouse Living Room Wall Decor

Everyone has old picture frames that just sit in a box in their basement or closet. Let’s use those frames to fill empty space in a creative way. This blog is all about creative ways to decorate with backless frames. Using backless frames is a great way to create a collage on your wall, decorate your fireplace mantel, or decorate any table space you may have.

Whitewashing your frame will create a vintage or farmhouse look. This look works best if you do it to all of your frames to create a collage, or just one frame that you want to standalone. Surround the backless frame with decor to complete the look.

Use a Backless Frame as your Fireplace Mantle Statement Piece

Backless frames do not have to be limited to just picture frames and mirror frames. Using old windows is another unique way to use backless frames as decor. Antique backless window frames have more detail and character since they had multiple sections for window glass. The best part is, they already are whitewashed or distressed since they are old already.

Create a Collage on your Wall using Backless Frames and Greenery

Collages are perfect ways to fill in empty wall space, and they look incredible. You can even have a collage be your headboard if you want. I love collages because they allow you to creatively put things together, even if all the pieces do not match perfectly.

For backless frames, you can have as many as you want including any size and color. A fun way to design backless frame collages is to layer the frames to create depth and character. Adding greenery, quotes or other art, and mirrors are also perfect things to add to your backless frames collage. You can even layer those elements inside of the frames.

Painting old frames is a great way to refurbish them and completely change their look. You can paint them using neutral colors or add some pops of color like the picture to the left. If you want a more distressed look, you can rub paint off once they are dry.

Creative Ways to Decorate with Backless Frames and add greenery

This is a perfect example of how to layer backless frames. You can use the frame as a border for any wall plants, flowers, or greenery. This can work as a standalone piece, or you can incorporate it into a collage of other backless frames.

Another creative way to use a backless frame is to turn it into a jewelry holder. Simply add hooks to the top. This way you can hang any jewelry you may have. It almost looks like a piece of artwork once it’s full of jewelry.

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