Farmhouse Decor for Kitchen Counters

Decor Farmhouse Kitchen

This blog is for my farmhouse lovin’ readers. A farmhouse kitchen is ideal, but there are so many ways to create the homey farmhouse aesthetic by just adding decor. Let’s dive into some of my favorite farmhouse decor for kitchen counters.

You might be asking yourself, “How will I afford to make my kitchen look like Joanna Gaines decorated it?” Well, I have the perfect items for you to decorate your kitchen at a low cost.

Rustic Wooden Cutting Boards and Greenery

Image Credit: Boxwood Avenue

Layering wooden cutting boards is the perfect plan for adding a rustic touch to an empty section on your counter tops. The best part is that cutting boards are a useful part of the kitchen. The key is to decorate with useful kitchenware. You can then add to the cutting boards by adding a gorgeous vase, with or without a plant inside.

Not only can you layer cutting boards, but you can layer them in a rustic metal platter or tray and add other important kitchenware.

List of Items Needed to Create Rustic Kitchen Trays

  1. Rustic Metal Platter or Wooden Platter
  2. Utensil Holder
  3. Utensils (Wooden utensils will optimize your farmhouse theme)
  4. Small Plant
  5. Add your favorite cook books for a more personal touch

Farmhouse Decor to Add to Your Kitchen Tray

I am someone who loves displaying my coffee and tea in a cute showcased fashion. I came across these perfect farmhouse coffee canisters, and I am in love. They are elegant yet rustic in the best way. Shop the look.

Here is another farmhouse canister option. These still have the farmhouse elements, but they are clear glass. You can update what’s inside by labeling them with chalk. Super unique canisters to add to your kitchen counters.

Adding a bread holder might be something you’ve overlooked in the past, but this is a must for fresh bread. Plus, it looks adorable on the kitchen counter.

Rustic 2 Tier Serving Tray Collage of all Things ‘Farmhouse’ Decor For Kitchen Counters

This is my favorite farmhouse decor for kitchen counters. The reason being, you get to create a collage of your favorite things and keep it in one condensed location. You can either buy a 2 or 3 tier serving tray to create this look. Once you have the tray, you’ll have a blast creating your farmhouse collage. Using candles, mini plants, mini signs, personal framed photos, or even candy will create this kitchen counter showstopper.

The best part about the 2 tier collage is that you’re able to switch things up whenever you get sick of a certain look. Also, you can decorate it for the different holidays.

Joanna Gaines’ Styled Large Glass Vase

Image Credit: Painted by Kayla Payne

Keep it simple stupid! Sorry, that wasn’t meant to be rude, but seriously. Some people take decorating too far and end up cluttering their space up more than before they started.

Adding a simple large glass vase and some greenery or flowers is the perfect way to add rustic charm to your kitchen counters. You can switch up the plant to create a new look every here and there. I love fake plants because you don’t have to worry about anything!

If you have the luxury of having a large kitchen island, this might be a great idea for you. Instead of cluttering up your prep-space, try adding a bar on the side of the island where you can hand a plant or towel. This way you have the entire island to prep meals and use for any other projects you may have.

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