Succulents and Hanging Plants

Decor Wall Decor

The best way to bring a neutral room to life is by incorporating indoor plants like succulents and hanging plants into the space. There are so many fresh fun ways to add greenery into different rooms in your home.

Large dusty plants in the corner of rooms is out. Hanging plants and succulents are in. Greenery freshens up the space and creates cleaner air. Your walls and ceilings are full of design potential for indoor plants, so below are some amazing ideas on how to add them into your rooms.

Succulents on Floating Shelves

Open shelves are a beautiful design feature to add to any empty wall. If you are unsure of what to put on the shelves… indoor plants! It creates a fresh rustic look for any room in the house.

Hanging plants as your stairway feature wall

Make your Stairway a Feature Wall with Succulents and Hanging Plants

If you want to be unique and have something other than a bunch of picture frames going up your stairway, try something like the photo above. Good News Architecture shows us how stunning a simple row of hanging plants can be. This design is not just limited to a stairway. You can have multiple shapes and sizes of hanging plants on any wall in your home.

colorful planters and pots

Succulents and Hanging Plants in Colorful Planters

To add even more color and excitement to your space, try adding colorful planters as well. Colorful planters brighten the room up even more while adding dimension and creativity. Patterned planters would work as well and add even more character.

Uniquely Shaped Wall Art as vases

Uniquely Shaped Wall Art Vases

By having a unique set of shapes on your walls, whether they are all the same shape or different, adds a ton of character and charm. This style is one of my favorites. It is just a beautiful site to see. You can either go the rustic route with this look by having wooden shapes or more modern by using shapes made of different metals.

Cute Table Succulents

You could just put one table succulent on your coffee table and you’d be good to go. Succulents are the cutest plants ever, they are so easy to take care of, and there are so many different kinds. The planters that they come in are very diverse as well, and there are many different styles.