Handmade Cement Planters


There are many types of home decor to fit all the different home interior styles. I’m here to tell you that no matter which style home you have, the handmade cement planters by Spruce & Stone, will look perfect in your home.

All Spruce N Stone home decor is authentically handcrafted with cement and other rustic materials. The items come packaged in the cutest box, and are gift ready. This blog is primarily about their handmade cement planters.

Since each planter is handmade, there is beautiful unique detail to each piece, and not one is alike.

Mini Octagon Concrete Planters

These mini planters are so adorable. They are small enough to fit on your work desk, bathroom vanity, or even an open shelf in your kitchen. Their size is just big enough where they don’t look awkward sitting alone on your nightstand or coffee table.

You have the option to buy them as a set of three, or as a single. The cement planters make for perfect centerpieces for any event. They look great in a restaurant setting as well.

Here is an up-close look at the handmade cement planters.

Large Cement Planter – Geometric Design

I would consider this concrete planter a statement piece. Its unique shape will have all your guests wanting one. This planter’s size is perfect for multiple succulents or a nice combination of flowers and greenery.

I particularity love these planters for succulents because you aren’t having to constantly change out the plant. The matchless shape and cement texture create a stunning natural look that will add character to any room.

This planter is large enough to fit a plethora of different plants and greenery. The planter comes in a light gray and a darker slate gray cement.

Mini Slate Gray Tree Bark Cement Planter

Bring the outdoors inside with this tree bark textured mini concrete planter. This handcrafted round concrete planter adds a perfect modern yet rustic touch to any room it’s in. Put this concrete planter on your work desk and all your co-workers will be jealous!

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