Summer Centerpieces for your Dining Room

Decor Dining Room Summer

I love coming up with creative centerpiece ideas. Decorating your dining room table is the best because you can simply put a new centerpiece and the whole vibe changes. Summer centerpieces for your dining room or kitchen island are my favorite because the colors are so bright and gorgeous.

Greenery in a Clear Vase

Thank you Joanna Gaines for showing the world how amazing simple greenery looks in a home. You can use greenery with any centerpiece and it will always look good.

Wooden Tool Box with Yellow Tulips Centerpiece

Hello, yellow! Create or buy a rustic, wooden tool box to house your summer flowers. This is a gorgeous rustic centerpiece, and the best part is you can put any flowers you want inside. Yellow flowers are definitely perfect for summer, but any color will look great.

Leafy Lemon Vine Summer Centerpieces for Your Dining Room

When life gives you lemons, turn them into a beautiful centerpiece! This sour yellow fruit screams summertime fun. It looks pretty, and it is very unique! You can dress it up or down depending on the rest of the tables’ decor. To create this look you will need a lemon leaf vine and some fake or real lemons to place throughout.

simple white flower centerpiece

Simple white flowers call for a stunning centerpiece. You can accompany the flowers with candles or trays, or they can be an independent piece.

Cotton Stems in a Mason Jar creates a beautiful summer centerpiece for your dining room. This centerpiece is a perfect transition piece to Fall. Who knew cotton could look this great?

Pineapple Vase Centerpiece

There’s no going wrong when it comes to using pineapples in your decor. The pineapple is such a gorgeous summery fruit. It looks cute, and it’s the perfect shape for a vase. You can use a real pineapple or a fake one. I recommend using a fake one so the bees stay away.

Using different citrus fruit slices in the vase is a perfect way to add charm and a summer-vibe. Compliment the fruit you choose with a similar colored flower. It is so fresh and appealing.

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