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Turn Pumpkins into Your Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Dining Room Holiday

Don’t let your Halloween pumpkins go to waste. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I have some perfect ways you can turn pumpkins into your Thanksgiving centerpiece. You may have to get a little crafty, but that’s fun to do now that it’s “stay inside all weekend long” weather.

Your first option is to simply put your different colored and sized pumpkins all throughout the center of your dining room table. Layering pumpkins with candles creates a beautiful cozy Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Paint your Pumpkins Gold

Another way to utilize your pumpkins is by painting them a stunning gold color. You can do this with multiple smaller pumpkins, or one larger pumpkin. You could even paint pumpkins multiple colors to create unique patterns.

After you decide to paint your pumpkin(s) you can take it one step further by writing a cute quote or word on the pumpkin to resemble Thanksgiving. To top it off, try adding a cute bow using ribbon to the top to complete the look.

gratitude pumpkin

If you already have a white pumpkin, or you just don’t feel like painting, you can create a “Gratitude Pumpkin”. I think this is such a cute centerpiece because the whole family gets involved. Everyday, everyone writes one thing they are grateful for on the pumpkin until it’s full. Or, you can have each one of your guests add to the pumpkin on the day of your Thanksgiving party.

Turn Pumpkins into Your Thanksgiving Centerpiece – That you can eat!

Photo Credit: Happy Home Fairy

This is seriously such a cute and easy idea. Even if you don’t want this as your official centerpiece, this would be a perfect decoration for the appetizer table. Simply, create different fruit, cheese, meat, or veggies on a stick and create the feathers of the turkey.

Anther DIY centerpiece idea would be to turn your pumpkins into fall flower vases. This is as easy as scooping the insides out, adding in a tin can, and filling the pumpkin with water.

…like so

Using the above method, you can also turn your pumpkins into festive candle holders.

A few more easy ways to turn pumpkins into your Thanksgiving centerpiece

  1. Simply wrap your pumpkins in a pretty floral vine to create texture and a fall-vibe to your decor.
  2. Stack multiple smaller pumpkins into tall glass vases.
  3. Layer pumpkins with greenery and candles to create a beautiful layered look. Organized chaos.

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