Entryway Decor

Entryway Decor

Affordable Inspiration for your entryway

No matter how big or small your entryway is, it deserves to be decorated in a beautiful inviting way. Your entryway is like reading the first page of a great book. Give your guests the excitement for what’s to come in the rest of your home by using some or all of my entryway decor ideas to inspire you.

Simplicity is perfect for your Entryway Decor

Adding a long but thin entryway table is a perfect idea to start as the base of your entryway decor. The entryway table gives you a perfect spot to put keys and purses, plus you can add decor to the table.

Simple greenery and white vases serve a farmhouse rustic look.

Large Cirlce Mirror + Bench Combo

Another great option for your entryway decor is to add a simple bench and large circle mirror combo. I personally love circle mirrors, but any shaped mirror would work.

The entryway bench is a perfect idea because it gives people a place to sit while putting on or taking off their shoes. It also looks super cute and fills space. The large mirror’s purpose is simple; it gives you that last look before leaving for the day.

Adding in extras like plants, lights, and carpeting is up to you! I think it adds that homey factor that people strive for, but it is not needed. You can keep your entryway simple.

If your entryway is super tight on space, a simple bench is probably the route you want to take. There are so many awesome benches that have extra storage underneath for shoes or anything you need hidden. Adding simple hooks above your bench is a good idea for creating more storage that’s not disrupting the walkway.

Entryway Decor
By: Decor is Me

Pattered pillows, throw rugs, and other accessories to add to your Entryway Decor

You can add fun colors and pattern to your entryway by adding unique throw pillows or a small rug. Changing up throw pillows to match the season is an affordable way to keep your decor up-to-date and unique.

You can also add a cute throw rug, hooks, and different baskets for storage space. These extra accessories add texture to the space and give it that homey touch. Wicker baskets are my personal favorite and can slide under any bench or table.

The throw rug is a nice feature in the winter months to get any extra snow off your shoes.

Entryway Decor
By: TLC Interiors

Create a Feature Wall

If you aren’t wanting to add any more furniture to your home, another fun entryway option is creating a feature wall. You can do this by adding a texture to your wall like shiplap, or by adding a large piece of your favorite artwork. You could even add just a large mirror if you aren’t into actual artwork.

The key is to keep it simple but make it cute.

Get creative! Your entryway is waiting for you.

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