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Say goodbye to expensive kitchen island renovations, and say hello to your new friend, the kitchen cart. You guys are going to love kitchen carts, plus they are super inexpensive.

Kitchen renovations are extremely expensive and not everyone has the budget to create an open concept kitchen with a huge island. Kitchen carts will solve your problem. Older carts used to be kind of blah looking and nobody ever thought to add one to their kitchen. Now, kitchen carts look like beautiful mini islands, providing extra storage and counter space.

Put your Cart in the Middle of your Kitchen to Act as a Portable Island

You honestly can’t even tell this kitchen cart is not made for this kitchen. The best part about kitchen carts is that they come in any color, size, and material you can think of. Most of them are different styles and colors of wood with either a butcher block or stainless steel countertop. You can jazz up your kitchen cart with any coutertop you want, especially if you want it to match your current countertops.

kitchen carts come in tons of style options to fit your needs

This wooden cart has a traditional yet industrial look to it. The wooden tone would pair perfectly with a lighter colored kitchen. The dark metal hardware gives this piece the industrial feel. Plus, it’s on wheels so you could use it as an island or a portable bar.

This kitchen cart has a stainless steel countertop with a black wood finish. I love how all the carts have so many different spaces to put things. This one has an adorable spice rack where you can showcase some of your favorite or most used spices.

Carts can come with exposed open shelves or closed shelves. Your choice will depend on if you want anything shown or if your goal is to hide some clutter.

This is an example of what a smaller cart could look like. This one has open and closed shelves, so you get a little bit of both. The light grey color looks amazing in a white kitchen.

Push your Kitchen Cart Against the Wall to Create a Chic Coffee Bar or Booze Bar

Depending on the space and needs in your kitchen, you may decide you just want more counter space without having the cart act as an island in the middle. You can push your cart up against the wall to create a coffee bar or an alcoholic bar.

Styles for carts can be anything from modern, traditional, industrial, or farmhouse. This cart has the farmhouse feel due to the mini sliding barn door and rustic wood finish.

Carts come in bold colors if you are looking to create contrast in your space from neutral tones to color. This is a great sized cart, and I love how it old the microwave to clear up counter space. Larger carts usually have a spot to hide a garbage can as well!

You can choose carts with smaller widths if you are wanting something to be closer up against the wall. They still look great, create extra storage, while adding a unique element to your kitchen.

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