Shiplap Ideas

Shiplap Ideas

There is something about a rustic farmhouse look that is very warm and inviting. Here are some great shiplap ideas to create diversity and character in your home. Transform your house into having a farmhouse or cottage feel through incorporating shiplap into your design.

The great thing about shiplap is it is a relatively inexpensive way to transform your home. You can order it online and trust that you will be receiving quality material. Below are five unique, simple ways to add use shiplap in your home to add character and charm.

Shiplap Accent Wall in your Bathroom

The clean white lines create a sense of cleanliness and also makes any space appear larger than reality. Shiplap can transform your average looking bathroom into something very bright and and charming. You can put it above vanities, on an accent wall, or even in your shower. Just make sure you buy waterproof shiplap, or an adhesive shiplap that creates the allusion of shiplap being on the wall.

Add Shiplap to your Entryway

Most people open the door to your home, slip their shoes off and walk away. Let’s make our friends and family appreciate our house the second they open the door. Adding shiplap to your entryway will have your guests in awe. The shiplap can be as simple as on a bench, a small section of a wall for coats, or it could even be along the stairwell (if you have one right at the front door). Shiplap can be any color, white is just the most popular right now because it is so airy and bright.

White Shiplap Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are perfect for being creative and trying something new. The island can add diversity to a kitchen if you utilize different materials than your standard cabinets. The shiplap island can be easily created. All you need to do is buy your shiplap or beadboard material and attach it to your current island. If you do not have an island or space to add an island, you can purchase a wooden storage cabinet organizer to use as extra dishes storage or to fill in empty wall space.

Master Bedroom Shiplap

Adding shiplap to your master will make you never want to leave your sweet escape. You can put in on the ceiling is an amazing showstopper. It gives a high sense of glam and relaxation to the room. Ceiling shiplap works best with high ceilings. If you have shorter ceilings, you can put shiplap on an accent wall, or even your headboard. It’s amazing how quickly the room transforms with just an accent of shiplap.

Fireplaces Made of Shiplap

Shiplap will give your fireplace an updated, farmhouse look. The picture above shows how you can buy bare shiplap, at a cheaper price, and paint it yourself. You can buy white, or any color paint, online for a cheap price. Even if you don’t have shiplap anywhere else in your living room, or wherever your fireplace is, it will still give off a clean, rustic vibe.

shiplap connecting the kitchen and living space


Shiplap Connecting the Kitchen and Living Room Walls

In open concept kitchen and living rooms, shiplap looks amazing flowing from wall to wall. It sets up a bright space with a cohesive look. You probably wouldn’t want to have the shiplap on every wall, so make sure you are choosing the right walls to house the shiplap.

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