4 Easy Christmas Ornament Storage Ideas


Once the holidays are over comes the dreaded day of Christmas tree take-down. This is always a task that just seems so daunting, especially because you have to carefully wrap each ornament to keep it from breaking. I’m here to make your Christmas tree take-down day a whole lot easier by using simple Christmas ornament storage.

Using these ornament storage ideas will save you money for the upcoming years because your ornaments will be left perfect and unbroken. Also, you can mix and match ideas depending on your storage needs. Let’s Dive in.

Large Ornament Organizer

Not only will this organizer hold all your ornaments (it fits 112!), but the cute but transparent polka-dot pattern still reveals what’s inside. The carrying handles make it even easier to take it from storage to the tree.

christmas ornament storage

Heavy-Duty Ornament Boxes

This combo set comes with two large, clear boxes in addition to a small storage box (perfect for loose ornament hooks!). They’re stackable and have winged lids, so you can pack any type of holiday decorations inside.

Christmas Ornament Cube Bag

The long straps on this cushioned carrying case make it easy to transport your ornament collection. Whether your attic is just far from your living room or your family moves around a lot, you’ll appreciate the padded grip, plus a clear plastic window to see what’s inside.

Tiered Christmas Ornament Storage

This decorative ornament box has three removable trays, so it’s a functional and stylish Christmas ornament storage system. This ornament storage system makes decorating the tree super easy since you’re able to see all the ornaments at once. Also, it has removable dividers, so you can make larger sections for your bigger ornaments.

christmas ornament storage

Just picture yourself getting ready to decorate your Christmas tree next year. It’s going to be so easy, and it will make Christmas decorating that much more fun. Plus, you won’t be having to run to the store to buy replacement ornaments. Phew.

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