Add a Retro Fridge to Your Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen Statement Piece

Be bold, add a retro fridge to your kitchen. Spice up your updated farmhouse or modern kitchen with this unique element. Retro fridges are unique and add tons of character to any kitchen. This look may not be for everyone, but if you do it right, all of your friends and family will want to copy you.

Turquoise Vintage Style Fridge

The best part about adding a retro fridge to a modern or updated kitchen, is that it adds old-school charm without making the space look dated. Not only do these retro fridges come in different shapes, they have tons of different colors to chooser from.

there are tons of unique colors to choose from. If you have a more neutral-toned kitchen, a turquoise retro fridge will look stunning and be a perfect pop of color.

Skinny white retro fridge
Image: Liz Marie

Skinny Retro Fridge

Retro fridges come in all shapes and sizes. They even have mini retro fridges that would be perfect for a small apartment, garage, or basement space. I think retro fridges look perfect in farmhouse kitchens. Sometimes, farmhouse kitchens look funky if everything is rustic with shiplap covered walls, yet you have brand new shiny appliances. These retro fridges, especially in white, look incredible in farmhouse kitchens.

Check out Liz Marie’s blog post that gives you all the details about her new retro fridge.

light yellow vintage fridge

A yellow retro fridge will brighten up any kitchen. It can’t get much cuter than this.

white retro fridge
Image: Sf Girl

White Retro Fridges are Simply Incredible

If you want to be bold yet simple, the white retro fridges might be the route you want to take. These refrigerators look best in farmhouse, styled kitchens. Modern kitchens can pull this look off as well, you just have to make sure to match your decor to the retro fridge.

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