Adding Wood Elements to Your Kitchen

Decor Farmhouse Kitchen

Adding wood elements to your kitchen is a fantastic idea if you are wanting to add more character and warmth. Adding these wooden elements can be done in smaller details, or through larger scaled products like countertops and stools.

wooden decor for your kitchen: wooden stools, wooden light features, wooden table accessories

Adding Wooden Elements to your Kitchen through Decor

The easiest way to add wood into your kitchen is through decor and accessories. You could have an all white kitchen with wooden bar stools, cutting boards, bowls, or open shelves and the space would feel very homey.

A wooden accent wall

Accent walls are stunning in so many ways. They diversify the space through texture, color, and patterns. A wooden accent wall is a perfect idea for warming up a white or neutral kitchen.

A customized wooden vent hood and cabinets

Vent hoods are the new statement piece. You can use refurbished wood or brand new wood, and your vent hood will look stunning. A wooden vent hood looks exceptionally good with a neutral or white kitchen.

a wooden island

Adding Wooden Elements to your Kitchen through Larger-Scale items such as a Wooden Island

Spruce up your kitchen’s look by adding in a unique wooden island. You can either buy a wooden island, or you can update your current island. To update the island, you would need to add wooden planks or shiplap around the body. Depending on the style you want, you can choose wood that has a more rustic feel or a cleaner look. The island will be the showstopper of your kitchen.

butcher block counter tops

Butcher Block countertops are an amazing feature to utilize when adding wood elements to your kitchen. This is not something that you have to put on every counter top in your kitchen, although you can. It is a relatively inexpensive way to add new counter tops to a kitchen. This counter top creates a perfect farmhouse-styled kitchen.

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