Best Amazon Lift Top Coffee Table Ever!

Best Amazon Lift Top Coffee Table Ever!

With working from home during the COVID-19 Pandemic, comes its challenges. My apartment is currently not set-up for both my boyfriend and I to have at home office spaces, so we had to get creative with a lift top coffee table.

Like many people did, we turned our living room into the office. Instead of buying another desk and chair, I wanted to simply sit on the couch with my laptop and use a lift top coffee table for storage and a make-shift desk. Here’s my review on what I think is the best quality Amazon Lift Top Coffee Table ever.

Lift Top Coffee Table Review

For starters, this coffee table is all REAL mango wood. It is sturdy, durable, and looks high-end.

Secondly, the lift top coffee table is perfect for creating a mini at home work desk. It allows you to work on your posture as well. I love how you are able to store little items inside the table, whether it’s blankets or things you need for work.

The other great thing about this table is that it’s a very versatile piece, meaning it goes with almost any design style. It will modern up a farmhouse space, or make a contemporary space feel more industrial.

All in all, this coffee table is a great buy… even if you don’t need it for work, it’s perfect for eating dinner on or just using as a normal coffee table.

3 similar coffee tables I almost bought that are just as nice:

  1. Less expensive option
  2. Non-lift top option
  3. Circular lift top option

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