Neutral Living Room Essentials

Neutral Living Room Essentials

Let’s talk naturals. The hype in the interior design world currently is to create a natural and neutral space, that is also cozy. Before you start buying items, you must decide what type of neutral color palette you are going to use. You can do more of a more grey and white look, browns and tans, black and white, or a little bit of everything. Today we are going to focus on living room essentials to finalize your a cozy neutral look and feel, on a budget – because let’s face it interior design can be expensive.

We are going to focus on the finishing touches to your room, and less on the furniture because that is whole different story.

Start with a base – choose a rug

When designing, I like to start with a base. For living rooms, the base is the rug you choose. You technically don’t need a rug, but I think it connects the whole room together, almost acting as a platform. There are so many different neutral patterns to choose from. I tend to choose light and airy rugs, but you can go darker if you want to create contrast.

Neutral living room essentials – rug patterns to choose:

  1. Hand Wooven Jute
  2. Traditional Vintage
  3. Vintage with Pop of Color
  4. Bohemian/ Geometrical
  5. Neutral Shag

Cozy up your space with throw pillows and blankets

Photo and design by Amber Interiors

When it comes to throw pillows and blankets, you can never have too many. I like to rotate pillows out throughout the year, so it will definitely depend on what season it is for the neutral tones you chose. For example, in autumn you will probably use darker tans and greens rather than the lighter tans and whites in summer.

You can have fun with throw pillows and blankets because they are on the cheaper end and can easily be removed and replaced. So, add some color and let your personality shine through with these neutral living room essentials.

Throw pillows to consider:

  1. Tan boho chic pillows (set of 2)
  2. Burlap trimmed white pillows (set of 2)
  3. Lattice green velvet pillows (set of 2)

Throw blankets to consider:

  1. White plush throw
  2. Farmhouse cotton striped throw
  3. Boho with tassels throw

A living room is not complete without drapes!

Natural light is amazing in the day, but come night it’s such a good feeling to close your blinds or blinds for some privacy. Drapes not only provide privacy, but they are the “hair of the window” in the day. All of your windows do not need drapes, but it is nice to incorporate on at least the largest window in the room.

Here are some great affordable options for you:

  1. Long cream curtains – blackening when closed
  2. Sheer white curtains – creates a pretty glow
  3. Velvet teal curtains – for that ‘wow’ factor
  4. Charcoal stripes – creates a farmhouse look
  5. Another cream curtain – gives a lush luxurious feel

Neutral coffee table decor essentials

Picture and design by McGee and Co.

I would consider decorating your coffee table or ottoman, the finishing touch… and the most fun. Keep in mind, you can easily switch things around on your coffee table with the seasons, or just for fun. Below are some coffee table essentials to add to your neutral living room.

Coffee table decor ideas:

  1. A stunning vase
  2. Fake greenery for your vase
  3. Coffee table tray to hold all your decor as a unit
  4. Cute coasters
  5. Stacked coffee table books (linked my favorite)
  6. Your favorite candle

Thank you for reading! I hope you are inspired to add some neutral living room essentials to your space to cozy it up. Remember, you can’t go wrong with adding neutral decor to your space.

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