Decorate Your Patio on a Budget

Decor Outdoor

No matter where you live, you have some sort of outdoor space that needs some love and attention. Decorate your patio on a budget, it is not hard to do!

Rustic Charm with Wooden Barrel Planters

Add Rustic Charm with Wooden Barrel Planters

Wooden barrel planters are a charming element to add to any outdoor patio space. They are very reasonably priced as well coming in all shapes and sizes.

If you are needing a bonfire pit, this Sorbus fire pit is a perfect option. It is visually pleasing and the perfect size for any patio, even a smaller apartment sized patio.

Inexpensive Tiki Lights

Inexpensive Tiki Lights

You can’t go wrong by adding some island flare to your patio. You can get 4-packs of tiki lights for under $30.00. They look amazing, and warm a space up literally and physically. Your summer nights will be better with tiki lights, I promise.

Try hanging a hammock in the corner of your patio or nearby tree. They are adorable and comfortable. You should probably buy two right away so your guests don’t fight over who gets to sit in it.

Add Colorful or Patterned Pillows and Cushions to decorate your patio on a budget

You can add color and personality to your outdoor space by simply buying decorate throw pillows. A simple yellow and white striped pillow brightens the space up even on a cloudy day. You can get creative by mix and matching colorful cushions as well. The great thing about throw pillows is they are easily replaceable. If you get sick of looking at the same pattern, they are cheap enough to replace for different times of the year.

Decorate your Patio on a budget with Cute Signs and Wall Art

Just because a patio is an outdoor space, does not mean you can’t decorate the walls. You can find signs with the cutest patio sayings to hang around the patio. You can even get signs personalized on Etsy. There are so many different types of outdoor wall art depending on the style you want. I personally love the rustic wooden sign look because it gives off a cottage or lake-home feel.

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