Inexpensive Curb Appeal


Does the front of your home look tired, bland, or blend in with the surrounding trees? Below are some easy and inexpensive curb appeal ideas to inspire you. The outside of your home should look just as beautiful and welcoming as the inside.

white flowers and greenery in the frontyard

This might be common sense, but a lot of people don’t add any plants to their front yards. It’s very important to pick out plants that go well together. Personally, the white flower look with greenery is my favorite because it is so simple and elegant. You can add plants by creating small gardens, hanging plants, or flower pots. If you want to take it a step further, you can add mulch to create new texture in your front lawn, and add small trees and bushes.

add flower boxes and window shutters
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Add Flower Boxes and Window Shutters

Adding architectural interest to your house is important. You can simply add wooden or black window shutters and your house will be full of life. Another way to add inexpensive curb appeal to your front yard is by adding flower boxes. This cheap curb appeal idea is also a way you can add wooden detail to the front of your house. If you are looking for a fun project, you can DIY your flower boxes.

Refinish or Paint the Front Door for Inexpensive Curb Appeal

Painting or refinishing your front door goes a long way. Try painting your door a bright color to stand out. A turquoise or yellow door goes a long way against a navy blue or dark grey house. Check out this article by DIY Network to see tons of unique ways to paint your front door. If you want to take it a step further, you can repaint the entire exterior of your home. I recommend doing this if you have undesired paint chips or if you are just sick of the color of your home for front door curb appeal.

Replace Old Hardware for Front Door Curb Appeal

Replacing old hardware is a minor update that goes a long way. Adding new door handles and locks to your front door can add a ton of character, and make your door look brand new. There’s a lot of unique hardware for different styles out there.

A few examples of different hardware you can choose from:

house numbers to your front door

Another small thing that goes a long way on the front of your house is house numbers. Adding house numbers serves two purposes. It makes it easier to find your house, and the house numbers can be a creative element of your home. You can use natural materials as a background for the numbers to go on, or even just choose large numbers that stand out.

create a walkway out of stone, pavestone, or brick

Build a walkway to your front door. Everyone will appreciate that they won’t have to walk through your grass. A walkway is a cute and easy to way too curb appeal and character.

Add Arbors to Add Architectural Interest

Architectural interest is key for homes that are flat. You can do this by adding a front porch, adding wooden arbors, adding trim, or adding tile or rock to your door step or beams. I love how wooden arbors look, they can make a house with no character standout. This is something that takes a little bit longer to complete, and it’s one of the more expensive ways to add curb appeal. Nonetheless, it is still very easy to accomplish and won’t break the bank.

Install or Update Entryway Lighting

If you don’t have any lighting in your front yard, now is the time to add some. Make sure to have lights by your front door, and you can also add them up your walkway or shining onto your house. If your house is made out of stone or brick, lights look amazing shining onto the texture at night. There are tons of rustic or modern lights to hang outside your front door.

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