Large Circle Mirror

Wall Decor

Have you ever not known what to put on an empty wall? If you are currently struggling with what to fill wall space with I have two words for you, large circle mirror. It’s a simplistic design, very inexpensive, and looks amazing in any room of the house.

There is something so delightful about looking at a large circle mirror on a wall. It draws your eye in because usually rooms are square and full of other straight edged elements. These circular mirrors are statement pieces. Anyone who owns one has a tasteful design approach.

You can purchase large circle mirrors just about anywhere. They come in any color, but I personally love the rose gold or gold look with a neutral colored room.

circle mirror in your bedroom

Large enough circular mirrors can go in place of headboards. Gosh, I just love them so much. You can’t go wrong.

circle mirror above your bathroom vanity

Bathrooms need some love too. Adding a large circle mirror above your vanity is a perfect bathroom feature. It makes the space feel more open due to the access white space being shown where a square mirror would have been. I love when people put a bold, darker colored mirror in a bright space. It creates a beautiful contrast and can be paired with dark hardware as well.

circle mirror in you entryway

Put an extra large round mirror above your entryway table as an eye-catcher. Plus, this way you can check yourself out before leaving the house.

Go out and treat yourself to a large circle mirror. You can even buy two or three because they look amazing in every room of the house. I suggest putting one in your living room to start out. Then I would put one in your bedroom.

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