Painting Character onto Your Walls

Painting Character onto Your Walls

Seeing a new trend pop up on my Instagram feed excites me. I haven’t been this excited for a trend in a while. The trend I’m referring to doesn’t really have a technical name, so I’m calling it “painting character” or “color blocking”. This trend uses paint to create unique shapes and definition on you average walls. Below I will be showing examples of some of my favorite pictures of the trend.

All you need is paint and tape to get started!

Painted Half-Circle Headboard

Photo Credit: The Sorry Girls

Half-circle headboards are literally so cool. They add character and warmth to any bedroom, and it’s much cheaper to paint a headboard than buy one! You can add any decor inside the circle to add your personal details and design.

Check out this video on how to DIY your own half-circle headboard.

If you’re wanting to paint character behind your bed, there are so many things you can do besides a half-circle like a full circle, stripes. square, or even an abstract shape.

Painting Character Behind Desks and Shelves

Turn your boring old desk or shelves into art. You can paint any shape around a space to really define it.

Unique Wall Designs through Painting Character and Color Blocking

Yeah, you could buy a rainbow painting, or any artwork at that, or you can create a masterpiece! There are so many unique ways you can use paint to add character to your walls.

Once you know your color scheme, there are endless things you can do.

Overlapping shapes and colors in corner spaces.

Arch color block above a desk area. Simplicity is key.

You can even jazz up a corner in your dining room

I don’t think painting character needs to be everywhere in your home, but adding it in a few places can really make a difference and add creativity.

Put your painting pants on and get started.

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