Preserve and Frame your Wedding Day Bouquet

Preserve and Frame your Wedding Day Bouquet

A bride spends hours upon hours picking her flowers for her perfect day. It’s a shame that a bride’s expensive bouquets are usually just tossed in the trash after the big day. Keep reading to learn unique and beautiful ways to preserve and frame your wedding day bouquet; artwork that will make you smile.

I have been seeing bride’s turn their bouquets into beautiful wall art that will last forever. This is such a spectacular idea, especially if you spent a lot of money on those flowers. Below you will find some of my favorite wedding day bouquets turned into framed pieces of artwork.

Step 1: How to preserve your bouquet

Hang the flowers upside down. Gather up the stems and tie them tightly together. Then hang the whole bouquet upside down in a dry, temperate area, such as a hallway closet. Let all the blooms air dry. Check back on them in a couple of weeks and you’ll find your bouquet has dried completely.

Step 2: Choose your frame(s)

You can choose 1 large frame, or multiple smaller frames to create a collage on your wall, like the above photo. It all depends on how you want to use this piece of art to decorate your home.

Here is a list of some of my favorite frames to preserve and frame your wedding day bouquet

All of these frames are made so that you can put preserved plants inside of them.

Step 3: Decide on your layout

Your layout plays a major role in how you preserve and frame your wedding day bouquet. You can split the bouquet up any way you’d like! This is the fun part, so play around with your design.

Here are a few different layouts you can utilize when creating your framed wedding bouquet:

Keep your bouquet intact, so it looks just like it did on your wedding day.

Spread the bouquet out in a collage like fashion.

Turn the bouquet into the background of one of your favorite framed wedding photos.

Split your bouquet up to create a very artsy overall aesthetic.

Incorporate other aspects of your wedding into the frame to create a full-blown wedding collage.

There are endless ways to preserve and frame your wedding day bouquet. Ladies, do not let your dollars go to waste! This is a simple and fun DIY project that will make you smile everyday you look at it. Remember, this is a piece of artwork that can go in any room, or multiple rooms in your home.

I would love to see your finished products, so please leave a picture of your preserved wedding bouquet in the comments!

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